How do I know
if my child is eligible?

Child and Teen Checkups services are for young people who receive healthcare benefits through Medical Assistance, including independent teens and young adults up to age 21, as well as young parents.

If you already have a clinic, call to schedule your free annual checkup.

If you don’t have a clinic yet, let’s start by figuring out what kind of healthcare coverage you have. Which of the below either sounds familiar or fits you?

Need help
with your

You have a right to be comfortable in your clinic. We can help you with:

  • Finding a medical or dental clinic
  • Transportation assistance
  • Translation services
  • Scheduling
  • Resources such as food, mental health, crisis or shelter assistance
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Choose where you live to find your Child and Teen Checkups phone number:

What will my child’s
appointment include?

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A comprehensive
wellness check

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Making sure
are on-track

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Dental and
hearing check

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Here are helpful websites with parenting
information and resources.